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Used In 45 Countries Worldwide


Consists of :

Perfect Purifying Cleansing gel, 100 g
Perfect Purifying Anti-Acne lotion , 60 ml
PhytoCorrector, 10 g
Anti-Acne & Scar Cream ,20g
BioComplex Gel, 25 ml

Sheep Placenta Moisturizing Cream, 50g

The TianDe Herbal Anti Acne Pack is an ancient Chinese medicine formula going back some 6000 years. This formula has been in existence and continuous use over that time. TianDe, a Russian Health & Beauty Corporation has taken the formula and introduced a nanotechnology into the manufacturing process.

Nano particles are super small and allow for effective penetration of the biologically active ingredients into the deep dermal layer of the skin, where the anti acne benefit of these herbs occurs.

It is this nanotechnology (unique only to the TianDe Range) that makes this acne treatment superior to any other Acne Treatment available worldwide. Thousands of satisfied customers in 45 countries attest to the effective and rapid skin benefit they receive when using the TianDe Anti Acne Pack.


Acne treatment in the main has been effected by use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and  topical antiseptics to clear infections and reduce swelling of the acne pimples. These treatments are directed at the superficial layers of the skin and whilst they do have some benefit, their effect is short lived.

The TianDe Anti Acne treatment is a superior development in acne treatment because it addresses all components of the acne problem – but uses a complex of herbs from the Chinese tradition of medicine. These herbs have anti-inflammatory properties, act as antibiotics (but are not drugs), reduce swelling and pain, reduce sebaceous gland secretions, reduce and reverse scarring and have a skin tone evening effect. All of these effects are achieved through the nanotechnology that has been used in the processing of the herbs.

Nanotechnology has revolutionized acne treatment because it reduces the particle size of the biological actives in the herb formula, enabling the active particles to pass deep into the deep dermal layer where the healing benefit of the herbs is experienced. No other anti acne treatment (herbal or drug based) has this technology.

So if you’re looking for a superior and confident way to bring your acne under control and maintain great looking skin, then the TianDe Anti Acne Pack is for you.


Treating acne through natural means has become a demand solution globally. The reason for this need is that antibiotic and other drug therapy gives relief for a short while and the side effects of these drugs are uncomfortable.

Numerous acne sufferers across the world seek natural acne treatment from various sources. TianDe, the Russian Health and Beauty Corporation have identified that acne is a massive problem across the world. They have identified impressive ancient Chinese Medicine formulae that have stood the test of time over 6000 yrs in treating effectively the problem of acne.

These herb formulae are natural herbs that have been made even more effective through nanotechnology. Our experience over the past 4 years, having recommended the TianDe Anti Acne Pack to numerous patients is that it is an exceptionally successful treatment for acne. Gentle and safe for both males and females, the Anti Acne Pack can be used for all skin types and is easily THE best Natural Acne Treatment world wide.

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