Chronic stress leaves a horrific trail of imbalances in your body which can linger on for many many months or years after the initial stress. Our anti-stress program can help you reverse the effects of such stress and restore quality of life.

Using advanced nutritional science and herbal science, we can help restore your nervous and adrenal systems to a more comfortable level of functioning.

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Our practice offers the most effective therapeutic massage therapy using de-stressing herbal oils. Our highly trained therapists will assist you in releasing deep rooted stresses through different therapeutic de-stressing techniques.

The 5 day De-stress Program (2hr 30min long) for 5 consecutive days can help you overcome severe stress and give your mind and body the chance to recover more easily.

If you live a high functioning mode of life, our de-stress programs can help you enormously, especially if you travel a lot.

These de-stressing treatments have benefited patients who have suffered from bereavement, emotional shock, post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks / panic disorder, anxiety disorder, exhaustion, depression, fibromyalgia and acute and chronic stress disorders.

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