TianDe Herbal Energy Sanitary Pads


The TianDe Herbal Energy Sanitary Pads are a unique solution to menopausal discomfort suffered by so many women worldwide. The 49 herb Chinese Medicine formula dates back 6000 years and has been in continuous use over this time. Now presented to the modern woman in a 5 layered organic cotton sanitary pad and panty liner, this solution is highly effective in resolving menopausal discomfort symptoms – as women in 45 countries have discovered. The pack has day pads (8 units absorption pads) night pads (8 units absorption pads) and panty liners (20 unit pack).

TianDe Soft Care for Delicate Care Hygiene – recommended for use with the TianDe Herbal Energy Sanitary Pads. See item below to order.

This is a unique and highly effective solution if you are suffering from recurring menstrual discomfort.