Your entire body is made up of a spectrum of nutrients. Every cell in your body depends on the nutrients absorbed from the food you eat. Nutritional Medicine identifies the gaps in your nutrition and uses concentrated whole food organic nutrients to correct enzymes, cell structure and function and to correct your endocrine glands to gradually bring your body back into balance.

The positive change in your health can be dramatic when accurately chosen micro-nutrients are used.

Chronic drug treatments can also deplete various nutrients in your body, causing a feeling of constant malaise and ill health.

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Chemically synthesized or elemental nutrients do not absorb effectively and most of this kind of nutrient will be excreted in the stool. Only approximately 3% of elemental/chemically synthesized nutrient actually absorb. The effect of such low nutrient density available to the cells (a concept called bioavailability) is that your cells cannot actually benefit from such nutrient to reverse disease or improve health.

Organic wholefood nutrients are sourced from organic farms and are nutrient dense and with high bioavailability. And this makes all the difference to the way your cells respond.

Organic wholefood nutrients absorb effectively with a bioavailability of about 97%. Such nutrients produce dramatic recovery in your health and wellness as numerous patients of ours have attested to. We also see the measurable results in objective clinical testing and blood work.

Our nutrients are sourced from a company that has been in operation since 1958 and who have a Scientific Advisory Board that supervises the product development before it is released to the market.

Quality, integrity and good manufacturing practice are the cornerstones of our concentrated nutritional substances.