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Health Intelligence is a concept fast becoming the concern of millions of people across the world. Ease of access to technology, the internet and social media has alerted people to the fact that waiting for a disease to manifest then trying to treat that is JUST NOT SMART.

The Health Intelligent individual is invested in educating themselves about the many facets of wellness that lead to an energetic, vital and healthy body, mind, emotional and spiritual experience – experiences that can sustain them well into their senior years without disease eroding their quality of life.

There are 6 facets to the Wellness skill set – skills that can be learned and shaped into powerful health supporting habits :

  1. Nutritional Competence
  2. Metabolic Efficiency
  3. A Relatively Stress Free Lifestyle
  4. Appropriate Exercise for Body Type
  5. Immune Competence
  6. Being Joyful

Across the age spectrum, health intelligent people are investing time, effort and money in attempting to discover those critical and pivotal insights and concepts, products and supplements as well as the correct exercise routines that will give them the edge in shaping their wellness. They’re investing in their future health.

A significant habit that health intelligent people adopt very early in their wellness journey is to put long term wellness and health benefit BEFORE instant gratification. This is a GAME CHANGING concept that serves them well into their senior years.

No matter what your age, making the change to this habit can save your life and structure great health for yourself. Health Intelligent people know that HEALTH IS AN INVESTMENT, NOT AN EXPENSE.

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