Toxins build up in all tissues in the body, due to the intake of foods that do not digest completely (such as left over foods) and known toxins such as alcohol, nicotine, preservatives, coffee and drug medication.

One of the main reasons for toxins to form and build up in your body is a weakening of digestive and other enzymes in the body. Detoxification enzymes in the liver especially that have become weakened for different reasons, contribute enormously to liver toxicity.

As toxins form in the gut, they produce recurring symptoms of discomfort such as bloating, bowel cramping, excessive flatulence, back pain and extremely smelly stools. Other symptoms of progressive toxicity are due to toxins lodging in the deeper tissue – symptoms such as constant tiredness, lowered immunity, brain fog, joint pains and a serious loss of vitality.

Liver toxicity is especially debilitating, producing a wide range of symptoms that do not fall into any clinical syndrome and therefore cannot be diagnosed with standard medical tests.

Such toxicity can however be diagnosed by functional medicine doctors who look for evidence of a leaky gut syndrome.

Detoxification is the clinical skill of softening, loosening and mobilizing such toxins and eliminating them from the body. This massive reduction in toxins in the body, especially at a cellular level, creates a dramatic improvement in health, wellness and vitality.

Detoxification is the primary method by which you can reverse disease in the early stages and even prevent disease from occurring.

The practice offers several detoxification programs, tailored to individual needs.

The process starts with a consultation to determine the location/s and degree of toxicity. Next a detox protocol is created that involves several steps – some of which are done at home whilst others are performed at the clinic.

Colonic retention enemas (colonics), using blends of detoxification herbs are used in a 5 day treatment.

Typically, a detox program will last 40 days (home based part). The 5 day clinic based program takes place somewhere in the 40 day period.

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Regular Detoxification can improve your overall health and restore Wellness and Vitality.

Our Detox Programs use only herbal and nutritional substances to enhance existing enzyme processes in the body to achieve effective detoxification.

Our Colonic treatments are administered under sterile conditions and Probiotic replacement is achieved using 12 strain live probiotics